re_computer case: Most Compatible Enclosure for SBCs


the re_computer case is specially designed for the re_computer system, compatible with all popular sbcs, with a removable acrylic cover on the top, and with a stackable structure to extend endless possibilities

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re_computer case Parts

Key Feature

  • Compatible with all popular SBCs
  • Removable top layer Acrylic
  • Stackable case structure for expansions


re_computer case: Most Compatible Enclosure for SBCs


the re_computer case is specially designed for the re_computer system. it is more than just aesthetic, there are also great features:

It is compatible with all popular SBCs. The re_computer case can not only install the ODYSSEY - X86 board, we have designed and left screw holes for the installation of the most popular SBCs including Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone and Jetson Nano.

re_computer case compatible

The top acrylic cover is removable. If you want to add a HAT or Cape on your SBC inside the case, there is no need to re-screw the whole case because the top acrylic layer is designed to be removed easily.

re_computer case acrylic

Stackable structure to extend endless possibilities for building different applications such as NAS.3d彩涂3d彩涂 If your application requires more space, for example, adding more hard disks to make a NAS, the stackable structure allows you to stack more middle layers to create rooms very easily.

re_computer case stackable

At Seeed, you can also design your solution all in one page where you choose the desired SBC, any compatible mission board (HATs, expansions) that you want, I/O modules, and nicely place them in the suitable enclosures/cases such as re_computer case. Rest assured, as we have tested full compatibility for all of the products listed on the page. Try it now here and save you time to find hardware compatibility! 

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  • Will this case host a 2,5" disk or is there any expansion avainable to host one?
    Question by: Simon on 2020-03-01 12:11:24
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