Seeeduino Stalker – a datalogging Arduino and more

3d彩涂3d彩涂it’s long time we planning to make an easy to use yet powerful data logger, either logging some cycling or in the name of new product line.

3d彩涂3d彩涂for mobilily, it has to be small enough for pocket size, water proof and rugged.

3d彩涂3d彩涂for easy usage, on board rtc is good as well as a sd card.

then, why not some extensibility and flexibility? yes, now it reserves full arduino pin header, not only be used as a stand alone datalogger, but also stack on another arduino as a shield to form dual- core system.

3d彩涂3d彩涂attaching diagram and application ideas.

3d彩涂3d彩涂a photo of the prototype, final version will separate the gps module part.

3d彩涂3d彩涂suggestions welcomed! it will be ready to stock very soon. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Seeeduino Stalker – a datalogging Arduino and more

  1. now i have played with one, i really regret the choice of a 168 processor. getting things to fit is quite a challenge.

  2. Very promising.
    3d彩涂3d彩涂 Battery management is nice. Please provide for LiFePO4 as well as Li-ion, if possible.

    3d彩涂3d彩涂any chance of fitting in pads for the sensors used in wii nunchuck and motion?

    if gps is remoted, many choices. if onboard, i’m interested in options that support 5 hz or 10 hz.

    3d彩涂3d彩涂in any event, i’m ready to sign up.

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